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Publication frequency – issued 2 times a year.
Issued from 2014.

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AuthorArticle titleYear, issueDownloadings count
1Zahra Ahmadi[Иран], Niloufar Sobhani[Иран]Arbitration Management with Using Artificial Intelligence Technology (the sample: Goal-line Technology in Football)2014, June934
2Gennady Ya. Krasnikov[Россия], Igor V. Matyushkin[Россия], Sergey V. Korobov[Россия]Visualization of Cellular Automata in Nanotechnology2014, September872
3 Simon Zh. Simavoryan[Россия], Arsen R. Simonyan[Россия], Elena I. Ulitina[Россия], Rafik A. Simonyan[Россия]About one Approach to a Question of Classification of Intellectual Systems of Information Security2014, March815
4Alisa S. Simavoryan[Россия], Simon Zh. Simavoryan[Россия]System and Conceptual Approach in Public Relations2014, September793
5Marina S. Blizorukova[Россия]On Reconstruction of Сontrol-Trajectory in a System With Aftereffect in Control2014, March764
6Sergey G. Kanukov[Россия], Alexander Ch. Khatagov[Россия]Concepts of Creating a Virtual Laboratory Module within the Software of Computer Simulators Intended for Training Future Engineers2014, June752
7Günter Şenyurt[Босния и Герцеговина], Abdülhamit Subaşı[Босния и Герцеговина]Effects of Technical Market Indicators on Stock Market Index Direction Forecasting2015, June747
8Victor I. Samarin[Россия]Transportation Model With Stochastic Restrictions on Cargo Supply Solution2014, March739
9Victor K. Ohanyan[Армения]Distribution of Cross-Sections of Convex Bodies2014, June732
10Irina L. Makarova[Россия], Elena I. Ulitina[Россия]Algorithm of Calculation of an Integrated Indicator of Public Health2014, March731

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